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One Size Doesn't Fit All

In my prior post I referenced using debt as a tool (see that post here). I enjoy using tools in many of my business analogies as they often help my audiences visual what would otherwise be an abstract concept.

As people it is often easy to take the path of least resistance even if that path does not provide the most advantageous outcome. In terms of business this looks like using a same approach or the same software to solve a problem which usually entails forcing the problem & solution to fit inside what we are comfortable with. This would be the equivalent of a carpenter using his framing hammer to drive a finished nail into trim work (the trim would be nailed up but would not be provide the desired look of the buyer).

To solve this problem, take time to look into your "business toolbox" and find the best tool for the job. If you don't have the tool, see if someone on your team does. If no one has the tool needed, then find a way to get the needed capability added to your business tools (classes, outsourcing, Google, etc..)

Personal development is not about how much you know, it is knowing when you don't know enough.

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